The M.O.U.T.H. book messages of uplift to heal

When I was unmotivated, with no finances at all, feeling unrewarded and purposeless, my only solution was self-healing through affirmations and constant self-reflection which led me down a path toward taking full responsibility for the outcome of my life. This book is a model of the self healing guide I used to help myself overcome mental and emotional adversity.


Pick-Up Poet Tree Educational PLaying card Game

As a teaching artist who mainly teaches in at-risk environments such as prisons, jails, shelters and in low-income communities, I wanted to create a fun way to allow the young adults to learn about metaphors, similes, hyperbole, rhyme, alliteration, repetition, personification, oxymoron and onomatopoeia. When you understand the power of your words, you perform better in life.


The Blue Poet Tree Handbook

To compliment the Pick-Up Poet Tree educational playing card game as a teaching tool, The Blue Poet Tree Handbook provides you with worksheets, activities and lessons so that you can learn the elements of poetry FUNdamentally. There is a chapter and song each for Metaphor, Simile, Hyperbole, Rhyme, Alliteration, Repetition, Personification, Oxymoron and Onomatopoeia.

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The Pick-Up Poet Tree Coloring Book

In addition to playing a card game to help you learn the poetic elements, you can now color in metaphors that were drawn to life in The Pick-Up Poet Tree Coloring Book. Color metaphors, similes, hyperbole, rhymes, alliteration, repetition, personifications, oxymoron and onomatopoeia.

Health Tea Cigs

An herbal smoking blend of chamomile, marshmallow leaf, spearmint, mullein and mugwort for whenever you want to smoke something other than a tobacco cigarette. Smoke responsibly.

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Drop And Give Me Fitness

An exercise playing card game designed to allow you to do a quick work out when you dont have the time to, or just don’t feel like it or if you want a fun and slightly competitive alternative to exercise with your friends and family. Drop And Give Me Fitness a card game and an exercise game.

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A short story of a child who uses their imagination to overcome their fear of the dark. Afraid of the Dark was also written with the Spanish translations included.



Children are developing emotional issues earlier and earlier nowadays and meditation is an exercise that can be practiced at almost any change. Get your child or students meditating and help improve their behavior. Meditation is also written with the Spanish translations included.


Yoga With Kem

Co-authored by professional Yoga teacher Ann Christine Espino, Yoga With Kem is another book that introduces to children a helpful practice that adults generally use. This book clearly and creatively walks through a series of poses called a Sun Salutation allowing anyone who has never practiced yoga to do so by following along with Kem.

The 9 Steps To The Millenial Mindset of Success E-Book

No one succeeds by accident or by mistake. You are either going to succeed on purpose or not at all. So, start getting in the mental space where thoughts of success controls your every action.

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The Blue Poet Tree Podcast is where I share my views and outlook on social topics as well as where I interview artists and people I feels are beneficial to my viewers.