Day #3 of Sage: It Is What It Is

When it comes to finding work as a full time artist, everyone knows it is what it is. Consequently, The Blue Poet established himself as a teaching artist, facilitating poetry workshops at schools, universities, jails, prisons, shelters and various other facilities uplifting youth and adults of all ages. Just like the sage, this purified Quindell's musical perspective causing him to reflect and realize why he does teach. Curtis Harris of Green Earth Poets Cafe gave Quindell a forefront to exercise his teaching arts talents at his No More Silent Voices & Our Youth r Slamming workshops where the Blue Poet hosted many talented attendees from gatherings in prison to after school programs. At one of those workshops the Blue Poet connected with the producer of this song who, for legal purposes, wont be entreated here. Thank you for listening. Download for free and tell me what you think about it below. Aye!