Free Ya Mind, Balance The Body, Be The Spirit

To free your mind is to be a leader. When you free your mind, you become in control of your thoughts and more in control of the outcomes in your life, in turn, enabling yourself to help others in leading them to having more control over themselves. There's so many cliche statements that conjures up common beliefs such as "You are what you think'" or "You are your thoughts." However, this is a misconception, and when you begin to free your mind and control your thoughts you will be able to focus on the body. 

When you are able to focus on the body, you will notice any major or minor imbalances that you need to work on to heal or you need to improve to develop and grow into what you want to be. Doing work on the body requires patience and precision because you'll learn that you have to focus on one part of the body at a time. Whether it be the brain, the throat, the heart or the gut and so forth each part of the body, inner and outer, plays a significant role in how you function. You'll learn a lot about yourself while balancing your body and one of those things are learning how to listen to body which helps you learn how to listen to the spirit. 

 Being the spirit, you practice listening to your consciousness and acting on it without confrontation from the body's imbalances or the mind's contemplation. Simply put, you do the right thing. To be the spirit is to accept the circumstances (your mind) and conditions (your body) as is and use it to live your purpose. Accept life as an experience and connect with others by leading them to self control and balance together.

 By: Bahamer Tehuti Ahaku