Sage, Palo Santo & The Moor Trilogy

The Blue Poet's first musical project was entitled "Give Them Moor" and his second was "The Moor They Want" and now his third Moorish installation, "Moor Than Black" will be hitting all music outlets including iTunes, Play Store, Spotify, Tidal, etc. But before that, Quindell will "Sage" and "Palo Santo" the musical vibes with 18 days of cleansing. "Sage" and "Palo Santo" are prerequisite mixtapes that will be released and made available for free download on starting 18 days before the release of "Moor Than Black."

Each day, Quindell will release a song off of the "Sage" project which is 9 tracks long. 


Directly following the 9 days of sage will be 9 days of "Palo Santo"  meaning, one song off of the "Palo Santo" project will be released everyday for 9 days.


Both "Sage" and "Palo Santo" are 9 tracks long. Then to top it off, The Blue Poet will release the finale of the Moor Trilogy, "Moor Than Black" for 18 days straight.


Altogether, that's 36 days straight of new music that is being released for the Blue Poet's trees. So stay tuned with the moon and one with the sun because once the first day of cleansing begins with the sage then it's an unleash of purifying music for years to come.