Day #7 of Moor Than Black: Heaven Sent

If there's a heaven, that's where all women come from. They invite men to come entertain them whenever they feel like they need something different. The Blue Poet was once invited to heaven by a woman and ever since has been afloat, flying high vibes. As an entertainer and performer, he aims to use his talents to heal and find his heaven on earth in the midst of the hell that is casually promoted. Music is how the Blue Poet does it. Oshun is the Yoruba diety or goddess of love who is commonly represented by various symbols such as mirrors and water among other things. However, mirrors and water both provide whomever looking into it with their reflection. On day #6 of Palo Santo, the Blue Poet says "I See Me In Your Eyes" signifying that we're all reflections of each other. Download for free and tell me what you think about it below.