The Devil's Playground by Malcolm Litt


Living in the devil playground the angels for see of everything in the horn of voice scream out I just want a city like this but don't want to pay the price of any souls I come across with so many angels is flying without there wings so many angles is play both side of the train without getting hit crash and burn because they know what time it come some still be late and they be it ok anyone that anyone know living here is heaven and hell at the same time so they feel cold and hot walking in the fire on the North Pole travel to the rainforest so we can pick something to eat from animals to fruit and vegetables we take all and don't have nothing back only they we give back a sound call what next the playground the playground the playground was created by people animals devils angels gods and goddesses with or without power there that word again it was forbidden of many had it and fall to it knee other disappear most don't use it unless it the last choice and that word too when the souls of the playground speaks about choose and choices is a Final decision what left to right and down to up in there dream Seriously another word that the devil playground use in the five fingers of death all around the city Most outsiders want the dream of the devil playground but one in the dream the five fingers of death smell the fear any place you at even the safe place you call home but it ok it teach you how to survived in the playground really got to stop using words that don't make sense in the playground the playground is really getting angry from them word just try to use different words please the devil playground it about to show it true self let us just keep playing ok thanks you now what you was saying again I was saying that make something out of nothing say a lot at the playground also learning from it give new meaning at the playground but the go for other that was born in the playground so what different from other let me guess it the hard time to see what it is no wait look up at the sky with all colors when vision is none of them it just fact we Survival of the choices we make of the power the universe make me do ok really now you going to far with them forbidden words in the devil playground the devil playground is very unhappy with all the them forbidden words you should just move out the devil playground but I still want you to stay so you can play in the devil playground for a long time and die happy in playground and everybody going to remember you when they happy sad mad or just forget you was ever here in the birth of the playground

By malcolm litt devil playground