Waitikubuli VS Maria by Curry TrcHi


Black like the transatlantic route . Bringing thunderstorms hurricanes and monsoons . Despair from the island stretched towards the Americas , Europe , Africa and other parts of the world after receiving the news of the fury of the Hurricane  Her name Maria is making a mockery out off my dear Waitikubuli . We thought there would be clear preparedness for the upcoming tragedy  that hit Dominica . The atmospheric pressures with the aid of he rising levels of the sea invoked the powers of her hurdling through categories. Scenes so Horrid , inhabitants became citizen and refugee .


There is not a feeling that describes how one feels about the situation. Everything can not be condensed into one evaluation.  Patience grows thin as a thread to get a respond back from immediate family . Communication systems are brought down by the massive winds that the hurricane possessed. The idea possibility of the devastation of The smaller island Barbuda ricochets from various regions in my head .  The roofs of  houses in this mountainous country  were swept off from their nails , bolts and trust . Galvanize flew as they were no boundaries in the air .  Farms turned into wastelands ; where once this prestigious island boasted of a booming banana industry ; only to be crippled by one of the notorious hurricanes David  that hindered the island . A similar dejavu with a heavier effect ; to date where Maria is the strongest to ever hit.


We were  never ready for such a catastrophic event . What we need now is patience , valor and determination to overcome the negative constructs that are here now and that are sprouting in the future.