Ep 68: Why I Wrote The Song ‘Killing Papers’

Written in 2014 after the horrific killings of Mike Brown and Philando Castile by police, the song “Killing Blacks” by Quindell Evans is his reaction to the way the murders were portrayed in the media. Many people are insensitive to or indifferent about blacks’ negative portrayal in the media as well as blacks’ overrepresentation in the prison system but Quindell is sensitive to it. Maybe because he works at Rikers Island, Horizons & Crossroads Juvenile Centers as a program facilitator. Maybe it’s because he grew up in an at-risk and impoverished community and experienced so much. Listen to Episode 68 of The Blue Poet Tree Podcast as Quindell explains the story behind this emotional song.


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Ep 68: Why I Wrote The Song ‘Killing Blacks’ https://anchor.fm/bluepoettree/episodes/Ep-68-Why-I-Wrote-The-Song-Killing-Blacks-e31qbs