Ep 69: Life Is Your Teammate. Not Your Opponent.

Are you on offense or defense when it comes to life? Is life working against you or is life working in your favor? Are you accelerating steadily or are you hitting walls? Are you working on your passion and purpose or are you still trying to find what you are destined to do? Do you have a plan and is doing everything you can to achieve that plan? Do you have a backup plan too or do you feel like your initial plan is all you need? Listen to Episode 69 of The Blue Poet Tree Podcast as Quindell reflects on sticking to your plans and allowing life to work in your favor.


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Ep 69: Life Is Your Teammate. Not Your Opponent Or Enemy.  https://anchor.fm/bluepoettree/episodes/Ep-69-Life-Is-Your-Teammate--Not-Your-Opponent-Or-Enemy-e321md