Ep 52: There’s Always Room For Improvement

How do we accept ourselves fully, appreciate who and where we are, love ourselves but still acknowledge that we need to make changes in order to grow? How do we remain fulfilled in and with our lives while also striving to enhance the ways in which we are satisfied? Of course we want to always uplift ourselves, make ourselves feel good and appreciate every moment. But how do we do those things and still leave room for growth, self improvement and development? Acknowledging that we need to change takes some criticism and pointing out things that we may not appreciate about ourselves. Sometimes this type of judgmental behavior may be needed in order for us to breakthrough barriers of mediocrity and excel to the heights we deeply desire. Listen to Episode 52 of The Blue Poet Tree Podcast as Quindell Evans reflects on these topics.


Ep 52: There’s Always Room For Improvement‼️ https://anchor.fm/bluepoettree/episodes/Ep-52-Theres-Always-Room-For-Improvement-e2sdlj