Do You Have Integrity?

What’s your vision? Where do you see you yourself in the years to come? Did you make plans and set clear goals to see your vision come to life? If so, what do you plan to do when your plans are challenged by distraction, pressure and temptation? Do you have a backup plan or a plan to get back up? Do you have a plan that will allow you to get back on track if you’re ever knocked off of the path to your vision? It’s good to make plans. It’s good to have a vision and plans to reach to your destination. And it’s great to have integrity. That feeling of knowing what’s right and wrong. That way you can discern what is good for your growth and what has the ability to take you off course. Listen to Episode 54 of The Blue Poet Tree Podcast as Quindell Evans reflects and expands on this. Thank you.

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Ep 53: Do You Have Integrity?