Ep. 76: Blue Poet Tree Podcast (I Need A Peace Of Change)

Originally a very short poem, “I Need A Peace Of Change” By Quindell Evans is a song of hope. The title is a play on words as ‘piece’ is spelled ‘peace’ on purpose. And change is used in the context of making a difference not as a form of currency. That’s what this song is hoping for...change. The song doesn’t lose its poetic essence because Quindell sings and recites poetry interchangeably in the song making it a one of a kind listen. Check out Episode 76 of The Blue Poet Tree Podcast to listen to the song and find out more of the backstory of it.


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Ep. 76: Why I Wrote The Song ‘I Need A Peace Of Change’ https://anchor.fm/bluepoettree/episodes/Ep--76-Why-I-Wrote-The-Song-I-Need-A-Peace-Of-Change-e33qg9