Ep. 77: Why I Haven’t Got A Haircut In 5 Years

Are we living everyday to please others and not happy with ourselves? Does trying to please others make us act out of character and become someone we’re not? We are all in this world together and it’s a beautiful thing to help others, commune with others, serve others and work with others but how do we do these things and still remain grounded in our own personality? How do we be 100% true to ourselves and be accepted by others or direct our energy to the right people? Listen to Episode 77 of The Blue Poet Tree Podcast as Quindell Evans reflects on being 100% true and honest with who you are.


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Ep. 77: Why I Haven’t Got A Haircut In 5 Years https://anchor.fm/bluepoettree/episodes/Ep--77-Why-I-Havent-Got-A-Haircut-In-5-Years-e345r9