Ep. 79: Live Your Purpose No Matter What You Do

Inspired by “The M.O.U.T.H. Book Messages of Uplift to Heal” Quindell Evans shares an original affirmation: “I am passionate and diligent about my work and creativity. I appreciate the motives of others for the different perspectives it is giving me.” He describes and explains what this affirmation means to him and how it allows him to enjoy what he does and what others do for him. He explains how it’s easy to be negatively effected by the criticism and disapproval of others but with the right perspective, everything can motivate you. Listen to Episode 79 of The Blue Poet Tree Podcast for more.


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Ep. 79: Live Your Purpose In Everything You Do https://anchor.fm/bluepoettree/episodes/Ep--79-Live-Your-Purpose-In-Everything-You-Do-e34ugt