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U Want 2 Smile

Quindell Evans write this song in spring 2014 and has created multiple versions of the song and is still creating different versions. So you can listen to all the different types of smiles her from the live acapella version, to studio recordings and the song sung in Spanish.


The blue poet tree handbook

This project is the compliment to the poetry workbook Quindell Evans has published so that students in school can learn literary elements in a fun, creative and innovative way, Driven by the card game “Pick-Up Poet Tree” there’s a song for every poetic element. Also, included in this album, is the song for Quindell’'s self help affirmation book “The M.O.U.T.H. Book Messages of Uplift to Heal,” a song for the Jahlookova juice bar in Harlem, NY to promote healthy eating and a fitness song to exercise to called “Drop And Give Me Fitness.” This is an all around good lifestyle project.

Moor Than Black (18 Tracks)

The Blue Poet has begun to pop out of his shell on this project, giving you more than just bliss and an innocent perspective of consciousness. Quindell has decided to make healing through music prevalent here and is ore open, honest and transparent about his lifestyle. Get an inside peak at   what its like to be not black but Moor Than Black on this one. 


Palo Santo (9 Tracks)

Palo Santo is burned in place of or alongside of sage although it is much stronger than sage being that it is a bark instead of an herb. However, to purify is the intention. So listen to the purifying vibes of Palo Santo by Quindell and enjoy the acapella vibes.



Sage (9 Tracks)

Sage is burned to balance the energy of yourself and your environment. Listen to this project by the Blue Poet to balance things out for yourself. We all know that music is developing, evolving and becoming so different it can be unbearable to some of us. This project is here to potentially please you in ways musically that may have been missing for some time. This is Quindell's way of letting you hear his features before making strictly solo projects from here on. Let's clear the air/ear.

U Want 2 Smile (11 Tracks)

U Want 2 Smile is a 2-part project by The First Poets. Led by Quindell & Jace, these two street poets feature together on the 1st half of the project with the intention to heal. Listen to the healing vibes through a hip-hop and r&b sound.



U Want 2 Smile 2 (11 Tracks)

The second half of U Want 2 Smile by The First Poets is a compilation of uplift, revolution, and celebration of life. Unlike the first half, the second features a few more NYC emcees other than Quindell & Jace.

The Moor They Want (14 Tracks)

On Quindell Evans' 2nd project, the Blue Poet takes you a little deeper into his mind and how he perceives the immediate society he is heavily influenced by: poverty. The Moor They Want is a statement that personifies how your dreams, desires and relationships (most people use music) can mentally and physically help you overcome circumstances.



Give Them Moor (14 Tracks)

On Quindell Evans first mixtape, "Give Them Moor," he aimed to give the music world more than just one dimension of sound. The Blue Poet mixed up his style from his delivery and flows to the genres and production. You can listen to poetry, rap and singing on spiritual, street and personal topics over hip-hop, r&b and indie beats.